The Best Ways to Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show

You may be thinking, “Tradeshows?! What a waste of money…” We are here to tell you: “STOP THINKING THIS WAY!” If you start out this way, then it IS a waste of time and money. If you find ways to stand out from the crowd and put your business out there, you will succeed!

Did you know that roughly 70% of tradeshow attendees plan out the booths they are going to visit ahead of time? There is no way to tell if you have made the list of booths that a particular person is planning on visiting. So, how do you make yourself stand out to that one person who doesn’t have you on their list? Have fun! If you don’t look like you are having a good time, and enjoy the business you are in, people are less likely to visit your booth. Next, you need to identify your goals for the show. Are you wanting to fill a spreadsheet with sales leads? Make a few sales of your products? Make attendees more aware of your brand? What is your demographic? All of these things can be considered when deciding on the things you need for the event. Below are a few examples of things to make your tradeshow booth unique:

Clean and Crisp Style

Use current fashion trends as a matching wardrobe for employees in and outside of your booth! Colors get noticed in a crowd. With a variety of different styles, you can get 1 shirt per day of tradeshow and have no annoying road laundry, making packing a breeze!

Unique Giveaways

Logo Socks
How awesome would it be to give everyone custom socks with your logo on it? Completely customized BIC Lighters? Giveaways mean that people that have seen your booth can show them to other event attendees and attract some more booth traffic.

Display Essentials

Golf promos
If your booth is not visually appealing, it is likely that you will get passed by. Visually showcasing your brand and what you do is a great way to get attendees to stop by, and differentiates your booth from the other bland ones. There are so many ways to furnish it, that the possibilities are endless!