Preparing Artwork for Promotional Products

The best logo art is vector based. Most of the manufacturers use Adobe Illustrator software. If you can save your file with the extension .ai or .eps, that is the best. Sometimes .pdf or .jpg are appropriate. “Placed” images from other program files will not reproduce correctly. If in doubt, please send us your logo in whatever format you have available – we’ll advise if the artwork will be appropriate for your needs. Our goal is to provide the cleanest reproduction of your logo for a high-quality image of your brand. Be sure to save all text in outlines as different versions of software do not have the same typestyles available. Exact artwork specifications can be provided for a number of products, or we can arrange to have your rough artwork converted to usable artwork for you.

Selecting the Right Promotional Products

When it comes to selecting promotional products, it can be overwhelming to look through the thousands of choices available in each category. We’ve narrowed some of the choices for you, while also allowing you to “search the product catalog” for even more selection. Let us make it even easier for you – call or send us an e-mail with the following information:

  • Event date, if any (January 10th, etc.)
  • Quantity needed (1,000, 250, etc.)
  • Budget range ($1 – $3; $50 per recipient, etc.)
  • Audience description/theme (software programmers, stay-at-home moms, etc.)
  • Reason for product (trade show, incentive award, etc.)

We’ll provide quality choices for your consideration based on your needs.

Cheaper Doesn’t Mean Better

Sometimes pictures from different manufacturers appear to look the same, but when you examine a sample you may find that there is a huge difference. There are many manufacturers and knock-off products, so sometimes the “guts” are not up to par. The ink may not be smooth. The mechanism may not work the same. The fabric may be inferior. We recommend obtaining a sample whenever there is any doubt. If there is not time to see a sample, you can trust our recommendation for the highest quality and manufacturer reliability. At Higher Promos, we guarantee your satisfaction, or we make it right..

Getting the Sizing, Decoration and Colors Right for Your Logo Wear

Size Does Matter

Different manufacturers size their garments differently. When in doubt, order a sample to be sure. We can supply you with detailed size specifications for some of our garments. Watch for junior sizing – ladies may need to order up to two sizes larger than their normal size. If you decide to order a “unisex” garment, keep in mind that a men’s small is equivalent to a ladies’ medium. With all the choices available that fit ladies, there is no reason to order a men’s garment for them. Call us for assistance to ensure the success of your corporate clothing.


Some fabrics lend themselves better to one decorating technique over another. There are fabric decoration methods you probably haven’t even thought of! Most common is embroidery and screen printing. Different designs work better with one process or another, or on certain types of fabrics – let us help you decide. Multiple colors of embroidery can be less expensive than multiple colors of screen printing. Your embroidery design will be presented to you for your review and approval before any garments are decorated.

Four Color Process

Striking reproduction of your complex design on a t-shirt is enabled with special color separations which may take many more than four screens to produce. Send us your design for a quote.

Types of Promotional Products Imprints

  • Screen Print – ceramics, fabric, wood, glass, acrylic
  • Embroidery – fabric
  • Laser Engraving – wood, metal
  • Deboss Emboss – leather, vinyl, fabric
  • Etch – glass, acrylic, metal, wood
  • Pad Print – plastic, metal, glass
  • Digital Print – paper, fabric