What Smokers Want

  • Feb 17, 2021


By Tom Gudekunst

What Smokers Want

As many states go legal with recreational and medical cannabis, you may wonder what will sell in stores and what do smokers really want in their hands?  After much experimentation and experience, we think we’ve got a pretty good idea about which items sell best and are used most.  Here is a quick list.

Something to “put your weed in”

Most states have strict regulations about how the product needs to leave the store and how cannabis should be stored. Since the majority of states require child-resistant bags anyway, try printing your logo and other information on them to create brand awareness. Many sizes and several style options are available

Zip locking bags

18 Oz. CR Smell Proof Bag18 Oz. CR Smell Proof Bag

1/4 oz Smell Proof Bag

Child Resistant Exit Bag

Safety, Smelly & Moisture Proof Bag


Storage Jars come in multiple sizes

5 mL Melt-Proof, Dab Glass Jar

5 mL Melt-Proof, Dab Glass Jar

Locking Glass JarLocking Glass Jar

Black Matte, Child-Resistant Glass Cannabis Jar

Clear Glass Cannabis Jar with Child-Resistant, Black Lid


Smell proof Velcro bags are an awesome, everyday use type item anyone can use to store their pipes, lighters, and rolling supplies

BHAM Charcoal Activated Smell Proof Bag

Customize yours!


Doob tubes are a great way to offer pre-rolls (the fancy glass or stainless styles will add a touch of class)

Doob Tube

Doob Tube

116Mm Pre Roll Tube

Stainless Steel Cigar Tube

Glass Pre-Roll Joint Tube with Custom Sticker or Label


Smoking Accessories

Grinders come in many forms and fashions, from inexpensive plastic styles to nicer engraved metal, 4-chamber styles. We have a very wide assortment of grinders, so if you need something special, just ask!

Plastic Grinder

Plastic Grinder

Large Plastic Grinder

Plastic Grinder and Storage Container

Wooden Herb Grinder, Spice Crusher

Aluminum Grinder

Diamond Shred Grinder



Imprinted rolling trays keep your brand out in the open and top of mind

Trays come in easy to customize metal styles and can even be supplied with magnetic lids


Rolling Tray

There as also Low-cost plastic styles

or a full color, full coverage, custom style


Rolling Papers get shared, seen a bunch, and offer the ability for full color all over customization. We have all kinds of sizes, shapes and even different kinds of paper like organic hemp, unbleached rice (like RAW brand) and even the old standard wood pulp. There are a ton of options so please make sure to inquire for more specific info and pricing on fully customized styles.

Full Color Rolling Paper

Full Color Rolling Paper

Unbleached Hemp Rolling Paper

Rolling Machine

Since many of us these days aren’t sure how to work a rolling paper, try one of our personal favorite rolling machines on for size. This style works extra well because the rollers have a bit of texture to them which grips the paper nicely.

Here's how to roll one up!

Rolling Machine

Go king-sized for an extra-long burn


Finally, how about something to light that freshly rolled doobie? Lighters are great; from the internationally popular Clipper to the classic Bics or nice metal and jet styles.



Translucent Standard Flint Cigarette Lighter

Solid Colored Standard Flint Cigarette Lighter

Clipper Lighter

BIC® Maxi Lighter

Turbo Mega Jet Flameless Lighter


Classic matches are an easy promotional giveaway that gets your name out there!


Tiffany Box Matches

Stock Color 20-Stem Matchbook


Of course, this is just the start. Do you need apparel options like hats, tees, hoodies, and beanies? Years of experience allow us to make suggestions about the styles and looks that will work just right for you! Or maybe you’re looking for other wearable items like sunglass styles or highly customizable lapel pins.  There’s even a wide variety of display units, banners, tents, and signage for in-store and out-of-store experiential events.  Adding hot selling retail items to your dispensary acts as a regular profit center.

Whatever it is, Higher Promos can help you find the right product(s) to suit your audience and event, and we’ll even help with artwork and design too. Call or email your Higher Promos rep today for personalized service.


Tom Gudekunst, sales manager

Tom Gudekunst has helped organizations purchase promotional products since 2005.  He achieved his Certified Advertising Specialist designation in 2012.  He enjoys spending time with his family, including two cats, two chickens, two children, and his wife.



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