User Review: RELEAFY GLOW 2-in-1 E-Nail

  • Mar 7, 2023

by Higher Promos Product Review Team


We are always on the lookout for the latest in smoking and dabbing technology, and RELEAFY has been leading the charge as one of the best vaporizer, nectar collector, and e-nail brands with their innovative designs for use at home and on the go.

When we saw the customizable GLOW 2-in-1 Vape Pen and E-nail, we were intrigued – we knew we had to get an expert’s opinion of its function and practicality. 


We gifted a sample to one of our oldest & best clients to put the GLOW vape pen/enail through its paces – here’s what they had to say:


“I LOVE the Glow by Releafy. It’s awesome to be able to take my various dabs on the run with me wherever I go and it works really well; better than similar dab pens I’ve had in the past. It seems to have less of a mess factor and the heating element is easy to load.


The little zipper case it comes in is large enough for me to hold two different tubs, so I can bring my Sativa and my Indica with me and the charge usually lasts me for about two days with two or three robust sessions per day. 

Three settings allow me to get a nice smooth hit or to really burn through all the gunk, and the simple single button action makes it easy to toggle through the various heat and on/off settings.

I finally found a friend with a bong and put my Glow E Nail in it and that thing was rippin’!  I like it even better than when I take it on the go. The rubber end really made a nice seal on the glass of the bong and I was able to really utilize the high temp (red setting) vaping power due to the smoothing effect of the percolation.  

I’m super stoked and now I need to go to the glass store!”


We had an employee conduct further quality testing to confirm the GLOW E-Nail's function. We can confirm that the GLOW with its adapter end fits several standard glassware end sizes to work with your current glass collection - make any water pipe into an e-nail dab rig!

The easy controls, minimal set-up, and safe function of the GLOW 2-in-1 make this the best e-nail for beginners in our opinion. Even if you don’t know how to use an e-nail at all, you can get your rig set up in no time with this unique piece of dabbing technology.

The best of all vape worlds, an enail, controller, and vape pen in one with on-the-go functionality, the GLOW 2-in-1 would be an excellent holiday gift your favorite budtender or a great loyalty reward for the major dabbers out there. A sleek, prominent, and permanent laser etched imprint combined with a low minimum of 10 pieces make this an affordable but high-end feeling swag option too. 


If you’re looking for swag that stands out from the crowd, email us today about customizing GLOW 2-in-1 vape pen/e-nails with your logo and thousands of other options we can brand for you!



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