How You Can Create a Promotional Kit for Your Business

  • Apr 15, 2021

By Tom Gudekunst


Kits have been used in the promotional industry for decades.  A cohesive grouping of goodies is sure to please clients and employees alike. This blog will help you understand and consider how you can create a gift-with-purchase program, point of purchase add-on sales, or send branded work-from-home items to your employees. We can help you build the right kit for farmers, dispensary owners, delivery companies, processors, and all kinds of other ancillary businesses that serve the cannabis industry.


What are Promotional Kits?

Kits are a combination of items, put together (usually in a curated package). They are important as they create a set of goodies that looks like they go together, increasing the effectiveness of your promotion. Having a set increases the perceived value of the individual items, especially when custom packaging must be opened to find the things inside.


Promotional Kit Examples

Many big retail brands will create nice kits for their clients as an incentive to choose their brand while at the purchase counter. For years makeup companies have been producing little sets of branded goods used as a gift with a certain level of purchase when made at a certain store.  I still remember the branded Lancôme zipper bags filled with additional makeup, brushes, mirrors, and more makeup that my mom used to get at the Macy’s counter when I was a kid; all branded of course.

 Creating a compelling kit is a good way not only to drive customers to your brand with the hope of receiving a gift but also an excellent way to arm those same folks with memory-making, imprinted advertising.  The imprinted brushes, mirrors, and most likely the bag will stick around for longer than the makeup and will be used multiple times.  This makeup kit, with a sharp bag, has been turned into a gift-with-purchase and looks mighty appealing.

For more ideas and info on gifts with purchase check out my blog from a few months back.


Promotional Kits for Cannabis Dispensaries and Farms

Our Higher Promos clients enjoy prepackaged kits that include a grinder, paper, and rolling tray. Add a lighter in there and that could easily retail in your store for a profit.

How about a point-of-purchase display with a little kit for easy purchase? “POP” stuff works well for our retail friends who have physical storefronts. Higher Promos works with many different industries and we’ve found that these simple types of products help our clients to keep their brand top of mind.

Rolling Trays

Imprinted Rolling Trays are great, use everyday type item. We can do simple, one-color jobs on low minimums or larger, full-color, full-bleed type jobs if you’ve got some extra time and a larger budget.

Higher Promos Grinders

Inexpensive Plastic Grinders that actually work! The nubs on the edges prevent finger slipping and the two pieces without a fall through grate mean you can grind anywhere from rough to super fine.

Higher Promos Rolling Papers

Who doesn’t need Rolling Papers?! We can brand these simply with a one-color imprint on the front or go for a full coverage look and include retail POP display packaging.

Here's how to roll one up!

Kits like this work great for farms trying to get their goods in dispensaries too!  Drop a rolling tray kit off with a sampling of your fresh flower and let the recipient enjoy rolling and tasting your quality goods. 

Work From Home Kits

Higher Promos Hipster Gift Set Mouse EarBuds Kit

Your employees working from home or your clients who you’d like to reconnect with would enjoy kits like these. A new mouse and set of boppin’ new earbuds are always appreciated and our high-quality tech kits will certainly deliver.

Higher Promos Cozy Comfort Coffee Kit Blanket Coffee Candy

How about or something to keep them comfy while telecommuting? This kit includes not just a comfy fringe blanket but also a full coffee and candy kit.  Create emotions with the tasty treats and leave a lasting impression with the blanket and tumbler, items that may even travel with the recipient. 

Higher Promos PPE Daily Kit.jpg

Let your clients know you’re thinking of them while they are working from home. A great way to show that you care about their health and well-being could start with these kits; a nice new mask, touch-free key tool, and hand sanitizer - all in a convenient little satchel that can be clipped on to outerwear, backpacks, or strollers. Everyone can use a kit like this.  

Customized Kit Packaging to Fit Your Audience

Higher Promos Customized Presentation Box.jpg

We can create custom boxes or bags to contain your kits for the ultimate experience. Build your own from a sampling of curated goods and pack them all in a fully customized and branded box like this. These are ready to ship; just pack them full of your favorite items, slap a shipping label on them, and hand them off to the delivery professional of your choice.  Or let us send them out for you. 


Kits are Easy to Distribute

Kits are easy to distribute and sure to please.  Currently, with the COVID situation, there is less opportunity to push marketing collateral out in person. With many companies seeing decreased revenue it’s more important than ever to grab your client’s attention and to make sure that when you do, it’s done right and hits the target.  It’s super easy to create a powerful assortment of promotional goodies with a well-crafted, beautifully packaged kit. Consider using a direct mail campaign to get kits into your audience’s hands. Our blog post, “Direct Mail That Gets Opened” is a great resource!


Create Your Promotional Kit Today!

Higher Promos has been around since 2015 and our parent company since 1959! We have all sorts of ideas to help you grow your audience. Give us a call at 503-676-3420 or shoot us an email to start your kit project!


Tom Gudekunst has helped organizations purchase promotional products since 2005.  He achieved his Certified Advertising Specialist designation in 2012.  He enjoys spending time with his family, including two cats, two chickens, two children, and his wife.


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