How Promotional Products Can Help In Times of Change

  • Oct 1, 2020

By Ian Miller

Many companies are struggling to figure out how to help their communities during these times of change. Some are doing donation matching. Some are allowing time for employees to participate in voicing their 1st Amendment rights. Many are hiring inclusion educators to offer perspective to their employees.

 Since 1959, when our parent company, MARCO Ideas Unlimited, was founded by a single mother, we’ve been proactive to support minority movements and equality. From discounts to nonprofits, donations to certain initiatives, and personal employee action – we are consistently evolving to create progressive positive change.

But what more can be done, and how can Higher Promos help? Here are a few suggestions for creative solutions. We hope to partner with you and help further this movement’s visibility.

  • Offer discounts to businesses owned by POC/Native/LGBTQ, and the non-profits that serve them and the greater community. Higher Promos already offers nonprofits a courtesy 10% discount towards their orders, especially those engaged in Social Justice, Environmental activism, and more.
  • Take initiative, find local activist groups, and donate their-logoed PPE to them. A small order of 500 facemasks to a march will go a long way. We will offer exclusive discounts for items like this.
  • Donate via employee-driven “donation match” campaigns. Offer employee incentives such as volunteer hours or paid transportation to help solidify real change.
  • Donate Signage to activists – tell them it’s yours for free. You do not have to publicly advertise this or even do “self-promo” with your company’s logo. A 5x5’ Vinyl Banner can be easily under $100, that money will speak a message for a lifetime.

Hire consultants to educate staff, and support their businesses by including their DEI, environmental, and other issues in your business.

There is a big divide between where our World has gotten to, and the community-based action that has driven positive progressive change. You can be part of the shift and include it in your business structure. We at Higher Promos are going to do the same.


Ian Miller holds two Bachelor’s Degrees from Berklee College of Music (Music Business, Management & Drumset Performance). While managing three groups he also works full time offering branded merch, apparel and goods for all industries.

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